Perfection is in the details.

MoreGames Platform gives you the ability to customize every little thing you want: edit your games descriptions, change icons, add screenshots and even upload game video trailers.

Lightweight SDK

It takes only 5 minutes.

Adding MoreGames cross-promotion should be easy as A,B,C. With this in mind, we’ve crafted the most exquisite, easy to install mobile SDK.

Add News

Keep everyone up to speed.

MoreGames is the only cross-promotion platform that cares about your users as much as it cares about new installs.

Post latest company news, games’ tips & tricks, promotion offers – anything you want your audience to know. After all, keeping your players engaged is the ultimate goal.

About us

For a long time game developers have been using banners and interstitials to send users to app stores in hopes that they will download the game they clicked on. However the install rate in most cases is as low as 2%, and the rest of the users are out of the game being lost into app stores.

MoreGames helps solving this problem by letting users feel the game before they click on ad link. As a result every visit to the marketplace is determined and brings a higher lifetime value user for developers. This makes cross promotion a really powerfull tool and MoreGames is giving it to you absolutely for free.

MoreGames is a creative colaboration of Tatem Games studio and best specialists in the field of advertising and publishing. Being game developers ourselves, we know exactly what you need and are dedicated to make it come true.